High Schools and Academies


Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen

AT-4963 St Peter am Hart, Austria



Campus adventiste du Salève

L’Ensemble Scolaire Maurice Tièche accueille des élèves de la maternelle au baccalauréat. Notre projet éducatif est le développement physique, intellectuel et spirituel de nos élèves. Située au pieds des Alpes, notre école favorise le développement du caractère de l’élève par la pratique des sports de montagne en pleine nature

FR-74165 Collonges-sous-Salève CEDEX, France



Seminar Marienhöhe

Auf der Marienhöhe 32
DE-64297 Darmstadt, Germany



Colegio Adventista Rua do Jorgim 166

PT-4430-436 Oliveira do Douro, Portugal

Phone: 351 (22) 782 3732
Fax:    351 (22) 786 1129


Seminary "Stefan Demetrescu"

Calea Vitan Barzesti, Nr. 11
Sector 4
RO-75669 Bucuresti, Romania

Fax: 0040 1 334 50 15

Seminarul Liceal Adventist "Maranatha"

Str. Campului, Micro II/2
RO-3400 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Fax: 0040 64 19 16 85

Liceul Teologic Adventist"Onisim"

Str. Pascani, Nr. 28RO-1100
Craiova, Jud. Dolj, Romania

Fax: 0040 51 124 709


Mihai Ionescu Secondary School


Mihai Ionescu theoretical high school is a Christian educational institution that is commited to provide high quality education and unbiased support to around 300 students and their families every year.

Str. Cauzasi nr. 43 Sect. 3
RO-030802 Bucharest



Dr. Lind Secondary School

Loc Campenita nr. 222
RO-547142 Mures



Omega Secondary School

Str. Transilvania nr. 25
RO-540549 Mures
Tg. Mures


Colegio Urgell

Comte d'Urgell 133
ES-08036 Barcelona, Spain


Phone:       +34 93 453 02 99
Fax:          +34 93 453 97 03
Cell Phone: +34 93 929 722 723


Colegio Timon


Colegio Timon prepares its students by fostering a wholistic approach, a relationship with Jesus, a set of Christian values, and a life of service, empowering the mind through the word of God.

Rusia 11
ES-28022 Madrid, Spain


Tel/Fax: +34 91 534 69 35


Colegio adventista Carretera de Petrés

ES-46500 Sagunto (Valencia), Spain


Colegio Rigel

Our school offers an inegral christian education in Pre-School and Elementary School. We try to offer every child the opportunity to learn. We try to maintain a good balance of activities at our school (Bible, English, music, workshops, story telling, trips...) We hope this will build feelings of self-worth and self-conficence  that serve them the rest of their lives.

Alicante 11
ES-50007 Zaragoza, Spain

Tel/Fax: +34 976 37 38 86



Our high school offers a required secondary education as well as a final diploma in the following selected areas: Humanities, Social Sciences, or Science & Technology. To live a fuller experience students can stay on campus and enjoy spiritual, musical, and sport activities each day.


Privatschule A bis Z


"Privatschule A bis Z" is an Adventist private school in Zurich that offers grades 4 to 9. In this school pupils will encounter teachers who life their Christian faith. The small classes facilitate a family-like atmosphere." 

Wolfswinkel 368046 Zürich, Switzerland